A Discussion with the Hermanos Brothers

In a recent live discussion, the Santos brothers – Dennis, Francisco, and Javi – talked about their journey developing their mobile card game, worMoon: Awakening. They discussed their decision to stick to their roots, their pivot in the business model, the industry’s need for change, and their passion for creating a memorable gaming experience.

Dennis Santos opened the discussion by introducing the focus of the conversation: the heavy pivot that was made at the end of last year. They initially followed a common business model for mobile games; one that involved ads and microtransactions. However, they realized this model did not reflect who they are as developers and players. They made the challenging decision to remove all ads and microtransactions and stick to a premium version of worMoon: Awakening that will be released worldwide soon.

Francisco talked about the need for players to feel that their game purchases are worth the investment, and their desire to provide an ethical approach to game development. Their goal with worMoon is to create a game that’s easy to get into, yet provides fast, strategic decision-making that’s crucial to the gameplay. They have improved animations, damage, and feedback, making the game more engaging and satisfying for players.

Javi, the youngest of the brothers, shared his experience of being a young person unable to afford mobile games, but loving PlayStation games. He talked about how they want to create a game that respects the player’s time and money which led them to offer a demo of worMoon. This way, prospective players can try it out, and if they like it, they can choose to support the developers by buying the full game. He also mentioned his passion for world-building, promising a game world that’s immersive, rich in lore, and approachable for casual players.

The Santos brothers are proud of the game they are creating and are excited to share it with the world. They are committed to providing a full gaming experience that respects the player’s time, money, and love for gaming. As they stated, they are sticking to what they love and believe that’s the way forward in game development.

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