New music variations 🔊


Hello dreamers,

I am very excited to show you some of the stuff that I’ve been working on these past few months. It’s been a lot of work, a lot of all nighters, singing in the shower, dreaming about my music, it’s been crazy, but, I think ultimately, you will enjoy this experience.

So, first, we have a new ambiance music, which is gonna be playing when you fight the new mini mobs that are found in the game. One of them has recently been revealed in our Instagram, so go check it out HERE.

This ambiance music is made to prepare you for the battle ahead.

Second, we have improved music for the enemies that you’ll know, whether you love them or hate them. I think you’ll get a nice fresh perspective, even for those who played the early access, this will not be the same experience, so I hope you enjoy this!

Third, we have new music for enraged versions of enemies. I’m not gonna give too many details, I just want to surprise you once you’re playing the game.

Finally, I just wanna say that we have been working on improving other music in the game and adding new tracks that you have never heard. I invite you to play worMoon Awakening and get the full experience. We’ve been working pretty hard, and are very passionate about this project. We hope all of you like this experience so we can keep making games for you.

All right, bye dreamers!


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